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Stargardt disease, or fundusflavimaculatus, is a genetically inherited juvenile macular degeneration that causesprogressive visionloss usually to the point of legal blindness. The progression usuallystarts between the ages of six and twelve years old and plateaus shortly afterrapid reduction in visual acuity. The most common form of Stargardt disease isthe recessiveform caused by mutations in the ABCA4 gene. There is also a rare dominant formof Stargardt disease caused by mutations in the ELOVL4 gene.Stargardt disease is the most common form of inherited juvenile maculardegeneration.


Those with Stargardt disease are sensitive to glare; overcast days offersome relief. Vision is most noticeably impaired when the macula (center ofretina and focus of vision) is damaged, leaving peripheral vision more intact.Symptoms usually appear before age 20. Symptoms include wavy vision, blindspots, blurriness, impaired color vision, and difficulty adapting to dimlighting.

Some patients are able to drive. Many patients use magnifiers to help themsee, and wear sunglasses to slow the development. Some doctors haverecommended colored lenses that filter out wavelengths shorter than 600 nm; thelight wavelengths that stimulate rod vision.

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