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Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder and legendary figure of homoeopathy, had started his own professional practice in allopathy after completing M.D. In the next couple of years, despite his practical experience, knowledge and skill of medical science, he was disappointed with the results. He was unable to save his sick son. Thereafter, one day, it dawned on him that “The almighty, the giver of the disease, must have also provided a logical and natural solution for the same”. After this, his whole life was a quest to resolve the answer to this query which resulted in his invention of a science based on the principle of the Latin proverb, “Similia Similibus Curentur”, that is, “ like to be treated by like”. In short, he advocated a system of medical science, where diseases are treated by the administration of drugs, which would produce in a healthy person, symptoms like those of the disease.

His sincere effort began with an exact, truthful and unprejudiced observation of nature’s behaviour in health and disease.  Finally, he deduced that the same ailing nature in the human body and mind could get rid of the inimical disease.  In his Journey of Immortal Life, he had been the first medical scientist to state that a dynamic force (Immunity) rules the body and mind. This theory was ridiculed in those days, but today’s human-related scientific textbooks like Gray’s Anatomy, Arthur C. Guyton’s textbook of Medical Physiology, Robin’s Pathology, and some others, have acknowledged the theory.

Dr. Hahnemann had termed the ‘allopathi’ mode of treatment as an old school and homoeopathy as the modern school. It may have seemed presumptuous, but after years of clinical practice, this fact was corroborated and such thinking was found most appropriate. A significant question is often asked about the relevance of homoeopathy in today’s advanced world of medical science. Dr. S. Hahnemann did not have any scientific gadgets to prove his theories and explanations.  He was the first one to state that every individual is to be individualised for treatment. Today, the most advanced molecular science, that is, genetic science, confirms the accuracy of his statement after almost two centuries. Genes consist of two types, structural and functional.  Structural genes give shape to the body, and functional genes control the functions of the body and mind. As Dr. Hahnemann emphasizes for treating any disease we have to consider the shape and structure of the body as well as the function of the body and mind. In short, homoeopathy focuses on genes.

In order to practise correct homoeopathy, one has to have an ability to assess situations or people accurately for the case taking, and then should repertorise the case and finally differentiate the medicines for the same illness and identify the correct medicine for the particular patient. But this is not enough; some homoeopaths ignore the follow-up stages of the case. Follow-up in homoeopathy is very important as the success of all the cases depends on the follow-up of the cases.

Homeopathy is very effective in deep seated diseases like Brain Tumour, Coma, Cancer, Macular Degeneration, Astrocytoma, Glioma, Meningioma, Moya Moya syndrome, Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, PCOD, OCD, Asthma, Alopecia, Cardiac diseases etc
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